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Lashier: ‘The answers come from us collectively’

President and CEO Mark Lashier told a packed house at the annual Bartlesville Chamber Forum that Phillips 66 will meet the energy future head on, bringing to it everything from oil and gas to alternatives such as renewable fuels, hydrogen and batteries. 

“The energy transition doesn’t mean we’re getting out of Refining or Midstream,” said Lashier. “We believe that a lower-carbon future depends on all types of energy.” 

In his remarks, Lashier recalled with fondness the town where he began his career some 30 years ago while looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities facing Phillips 66. He said the company must be the best it can be, which is why it’s undergoing a business transformation. 

The transformation will allow Phillips 66 to thrive in any number of scenarios, said Lashier. “Rising to challenges is what the people of Phillips 66 do,” he said. “We have an opportunity to own the future and to write the next chapter of this great company.” 

While the company is competing in the low-carbon future, Lashier said it plans to do so thoughtfully and deliberately, focusing on opportunities that will create value. 

After the chamber event, Lashier and the other members of the Executive Leadership Team who traveled with him toured the Phillips 66 Innovation Labs at Bartlesville High School. With the help of a $1.7 million grant from Phillips 66, Innovation Labs for STEM programs were established at each of the public secondary schools in Bartlesville. 

Lashier’s day started with a Town Hall at the Adams Building, where he spoke to Bartlesville employees about the importance of humility as Phillips 66 embarks on the road ahead. He said employees must realize no one person has all the answers.  

“We have to understand we can’t do it alone,” he said. “All of the answers come from us collectively.”